Color Picker     

The ColorPicker component provides a method to input colors. There is also one more version available: Color Input.

Works well with QField for additional functionality such as a helper, error message placeholder and many others.
You might also want to check Color Utils.


Edit /quasar.conf.js:

framework: {
components: ['QColorPicker']

Basic Usage

<q-color-picker v-model="modelHex" />

export default {
data: () => ({
modelHex: '#C7044B',

// and the other types of models:
modelHexa: '#F0FF1CBF',
modelRgb: { r: 112, g: 204, b: 55 },
modelRgba: { r: 138, g: 36, b: 138, a: 64 }

Vue Properties

Supports v-model which must be a String, Number or Date Object.

Vue Property Type Description
dark Boolean Is component rendered on a dark background?
default-value String/Object Default color hex/rgb for picker when model is not yet set.
format-model String Data type of model (useful especially when starting out with undefined or null). One of ‘auto’, ‘hex’, ‘rgb’, ‘hexa’, ‘rgba’.
readonly Boolean If set to true, component is displayed as read-only.
disable Boolean If set to true, component is disabled and the user cannot change model.
no-parent-field Boolean Avoid trying to connect to a parent QField.

Lazy Input

Vue will soon supply the .lazy modifier for v-model on components too, but until then, you can use the longer equivalent form:

@change="val => { model = val }"

Vue Methods

Vue Method Description
clear() Sets model to empty string (removes current value).

Vue Events

Vue Event Description
@input(newVal) Triggered on immediate model value change.
@change(newVal) Triggered on lazy model value change.

More Examples


Use the color and inverted/inverted-light props to control the color.

float-label="Float Label"

float-label="Float Label"

Also, if QColor is displayed on a dark background, add the dark property.

<q-color-picker dark color="secondary" />